Jignasha Suresh Panchal

Ms. Jignasha Suresh Panchal, a soul that's 28 yr old is an author, poet and writer from Thane, Maharashtra, India.

She is a commerce graduate has also been an ex-lecturer for 3 years in a coaching institute as she loves teaching.

She actually started writing short poems and write ups during her college days 9 yrs back and also won a few prizes for articles in College magazine. But she never thought of making it public. It was just in the month of dec'19 she started sharing her work on Instagram by creating a page for her poetries. 

Her Inspiration for writing comes from the universe and situations that she observes around her. She is an ardent believer of KARMA and also believes in universal magic. She wants to inspire people through her work as words are the best medium to reach people out there. She loves her family very much and gives them the full credit for what she is now. SELF-LOVE is the best love is what she believes in. According to her, if you are capable of loving yourself then you are capable of loving others as well. She has multiple interests like listening to music, reading books, dancing, and also sharing her pieces of work on Instagram under the handle "@poets_soul_". 

In her free time she writes blogs, reads a few motivational or mythological books… What she believes is that every soul is a writer, what makes them unique and different is their willingness to improve themselves and should work towards achieving their goals….

She has read many books but her favorite book till now is THE ALCHEMIST by PAUL COHELO. If you give your best and are determined to achieve your dream, the entire universe will conspire in your favor to make it happen! 

It has inspired her to the extent that she now calls herself an author and a writer proudly, as she has tried her best and improved her skills by constantly  learning and reading... 

She has co-authored 28 books and is also a solo author of her debut e-book PRAAN PANKHIDA (Gujarati edition). And has also bagged many awards for her contribution in the literature community, featured in many magazines, media sites, published interviews and many more to come as she wants to keep working hard until she is satisfied.

She hopes this literature community will flourish more and more and will encourage new aspiring writers to fulfill their dream and paint their life's canvas with their colorful words! 


Jignasha Suresh Panchal