Zarifah Zahan

Best Woman Writer

Being born as a girl in conservative Muslim lower class family, it has always been tough to stand for education throughout. But Zarifah's consistency opened a door when she secured rank 54 & 31 in 10th and 12th board exam respectively. Relying on the govt scholarships, she completed graduation in Electronics engineering. Since then, she has been working in an MNC. Till date, she has been the fifth person from her village and the first woman, who is doing a job after completing graduation. Being a victim of oppression, her motto has been to raise voice for female empowerment & equality. She believes 'Pen is mightier than sword', therefore she has chosen poetry and blogging as her way of expression. She has received several awards for these writings. Woman Employee award at office, Rewa Honourary Bina Dutta Smriti Puroskar -2019 (Poetry), Story Mirror 'Yes you can write season 2'- Audio, "Yes,you can write season 2" - "Author of the week" are few out of the crowd. I have two published poetry books, "Andhokarer Kono Rong bodh Nei" & "Mondo Saidati" where the second book grabbed attention for voicing out the torments girl face in the name of rituals, religion & social traits. Additionally, several poems/write ups published in renowned bengali magazines like Sananda, Krittibas etc. She was also a former blogger for digital version of renowned bengali newspaper "Ei Samay". She is also a painter, has a youtube channel where she makes people listen Audio stories. She has taken responsibilities for education of two underprivileged girls. Her vision and mission is to stand for women empowerment using the tool of education and writings. She dreams of a future when no parent will lament for girl child, nobody will secretly opt for female foeticide, nobody will use religion, rituals or social traits to suppress women's progress.
As I believe in motto of "Woman for Woman", I have always been using writings for woman issues. My poetry book "Mondo Saidati" is a critically acclaimed book for voicing out Muslim girls issues they face in the name of religion and each poem of that book contains issue like education, forceful 'Burkha' implementation on girls, early marriage, Talak etc. Therefore, I believe it would be a good opportunity for me if I can have a bigger platform through Fireboxx to let people know about my works. Below are the few glimpses of my achievements.

1. Woman Employee award in office at Womens day,2017

2. Three time accolades received for good work in office.

3.Yugo-Sagnik Award, 2016.
4. Rewa Poetry Competition-1st position , 2017.
5. Dewa Saradiya Award, 2017
6.Rewa Honourary Bina Dutta Smriti Puroskar -2019 (Poetry).
7. Story Mirror 'Yes you can write season 2'- Audio-1st position,2020.
8. Nomination for Story Mirror presents 'Author of the year' Award
9.Winner-Sananda 'Ma o Meye Contest', 2021
10.'Jiya Penfight'-Winner
11. Top 10 Finalist - Max Sananda Nabanita Paegent 2017
12. Published books : "Andhokarer Kono Rong bodh nei" & "Mando Saidati"
13. Accolades got from renowned bengali poet for "Mando Saidati" as all poems in this book protest against Muslim girls oppression in the name of religion.
14. 'Literary Lieutenant' by Story Mirror for promoting literature.