School Teacher

Swati Nakshatra – the 15th of 27 Nakshatra represents purity, or the purist first drop of rain, which enhance once’s capability by sharpening their goals and way to reach them. She was the co- editor for her school’s magazine and write article for various events of school and college. She took part and hold positions at her schooling as well as in her teaching life. The love for writing aroused in her primary school years. She starts writing Independently in her school days. Her educational background in education-psychology has given her live experiences and broad base from which to approach many topics. Her writing skills may be confirmed independently on YourQuote.
You may learn more about her service at writing by contacting her at liveswati@gmail.com.

Her life's tag line is :
वो गिरा है , गिर कर उठेगा!
सूरज है वो साहेब ,कल सुबह फ़िर उगेगा!!