Sunayana Kayastha


my late parents Sudeep Prasad and Namrata Prasad as they wish for my nurture.They had done alot for me and this award will be a guru dakshina for them. They had break their bones to let me shine. The evidence of their struggle can be felt when my father yell for his life on his death bed just to make an outstanding person and my mother praying for her survival from cancer disease just to instill me as a strongest writer. And it was my promise to give them a legacy of regalia by giving them my dedication for them.

Next for my cleft lip family as I want to show cleft lip is speciality not a disability. This will empower the disabled one and make everyone understand the importance of being aware.

I had already boosted up the morales of indian and nepali youths to listen to themselves and to focus on their careers and I am fortunate enough to make India as my Karmabhumi.
Whenever I feel those hungry nights of self when I loose my parents it has given me the power, power that I can understand the pain of every person and give them the ounce of own gifts for them and that is motivation through my words and by social service.

Disease, yes my mother battling from cancer disease had given me the strong affliction towards the feeling that love is that concoction to heal all those qualms.

Shiva, Kanha the way they imbibe all those oddities just to let the universe in tranquil phase had let me wonder and ponder. Being a divine energies they suffer as a human and shows up their victory over adversities. How come we are not then?

Spectrum award as a Budding Writer ( date July,05,2021)
Ambitious personality award (July 18, 2021)
Bharatiya Youth Face of India (August 26,2021)
Bronzestar Award-21.08.2020
Author on board- November 18/2020
Fuzia writer of the day- November 17, 2020
Global icon capital awards- November 2019
Poetry prompt by original quills- May 27,2021
Certificate from Daya Foundation-May 25,2021
Social Awareness Union- certificate of Appreciation (may 5 2021)
Split poetry India ( March 6,2021) for Twitter patted
Certificate of Appreciation (December 31,2020) Khwopa College
Certificate of publication by sonal gupta ( April 4 2021)
International ambassador of peace by steffano (February,2021)