Samata Dey Bose


Samata Dey Bose is the founder of the entertainment E-portal/blog Despite being a banker by profession, she decided to switch to the world of writing. Samata started with content writing and received positive responses from her clients, which expanded her client base. But her “Dil Mange More” and she realized her potential of writing different than just commercial contents and some 9 years back she started her blog She decided to turn her blog into a hub of information and entertainment. Books for her remained her 2nd love, and she allotted a dedicated section for Book reviews in her blog where she shares are reviews on the books she reads.

Interviews of budding and hidden talents were something that used to attract her a lot. She started interviewing people from different fields and shared the story in her blog in the interview sections. Interacting with different people with interesting stories, always grabbed her attention, and she loves doing that even today.

But is that all about blogging in her world? When you take a tour, of her blog, you will come across various segments starting from travel, sports, Bollywood, festivals, food, health and beauty, and many more. What she offers through her blog is a complete entertainment package. She received several awards for her literary work and remained a contributor in various magazines and anthologies.

She has a keen interest in art and craft and also in photography. She loves colors in life and wants to paint the canvas of life not just for her but for others too with bright and vibrant colors.

Connect with her:

1. Top BOOK Reviewer (2019 & 2020) and Top Senior Blogger 2021
2. AwardsARC Women Empowerment 2021 Award
3. Women Achiever Award 2021 by Priyas Wisdom Publication
4. Best Book Reviewer Award from Cherry Book Awards 2021- Season 2
5. Achievement Award 2021 for Literature by Samura event club
6. Fireboxx Award 2021 for Best Children book Award (Compiler)
7. Emerging Women International Award 2021 by HOPE International World Record
8. OpusTalent award 2021 by The Opus Coliseum
9. Applause Award 2021 for Literature
10. Inked Wings Award, organized by AchieveMania
11. with TGP Gallant Award 2021 by Tgptalksbyashima
12. Rising Star Award by Priyas Wisdom Publication
13. Prestigious Literary award 2021 by AwardsARC
14. Best Book Reviewer 2021( Season 1) by Elite Book Awards
15. Talent Parade Best Book Reviewer 2021 By Innovative Indians
16. Winner of Writing Feasta by The Great Podium
17. Winner of Kalam Ratna Award
18. Featured in SHEROS and Rising Star Magazine @ PriyasWisdomPublication
19. Poetry feature in Tridesta Magazine and Literary Voice Magazine
20. Published co-author in many anthologies
21. Photography Published in Taare Zameen Par Magazine and Merged Array Magazine
22. Best Achiever of the year 2021- The Rising Star Awards - Independent Indian Icon
23. Featured in Fox Interviewer and Entrepreneur Ethics
24. Best Blogger 2021 (Season 2) By Elite Book Awards