Prof. Rev Dr Koningthung Ngoru Moyon


He has written four academic books during two years of pandemic time.
Insights of the local church administration published by Notion press, Chennai, 2020
A Study on the Cultic movements Selected New Religious Movements published by Omega Book world Bangalore, 2020
Commentary on Proverbs The Fear of the Lord is Wisdom published by Wisdom Words Publication Jaipur, 2021
Insights of the Western Missionaries Legacy in Manipur Especial Reference to Moyon of South East Manipur published by Bluerose publication New Delhi, 2021
His fifth book'Preaching Biblical Message and 115 Sermons is under publication by International Institute for advance Research and Development (IIFARD).And his sixth book title 'The Moyon (Bujuur) Cosmogony: A Study on the theories of the origin of man from the Moyon mythology in comparison with ancient near East and biblical account will be publish by IIP. During these years of Covid 19 pandemic he has restlessly done his research works for the benefit of the development of the community and nation.