Priyanka Dutta


Emninent educator and renowned author Priyanka Dutta is the dynamic face of unstoppable women spirit,the wowman.

Coming from a small town,she has and is achieving remarkable global milestones, overcoming all the hurdles.

Currently, she’s working as an assistant teacher at Carmel High school, Burdwan.

Her book “From Woman to WOWman’ by BFC publication has been proven to be a sensation in a very short span, bringing her acclaim from diverse sectors.

Dutta received the most influential Indians award 2021 in the category of young prolific writer. Global education forum announced her as the best debut author of 2021.

In her poems, she voices the struggle of every Indian women from different circles of the society, the obstacles and burdens we have normalised and often forget to raise a question against.
She has also been featured in recognised media platforms such as Google, Entrepreneur stories, Daily hunt, Hindustan Metro and also local papers for her book.