Poet-Author | Artist | Stand-in Comedian

Oninthough is an award-winning author and poet. He is amongst the select few multilingual (trilingual) poets in India. He has written 500+ poems across three languages (English, Hindi, and Bengali), a novel, and more than a dozen short stories. His debut book “Half a Rusted Decadence” was critically acclaimed. His works have been featured by the reputed English daily, The Statesman. He was awarded an Honourable Mention at India’s Next Big Writer, 2021. His debut novel “Ticking Thirty – Delayed Identity Crisis or Premature Midlife Crisis?” won the Authors Gully Book Writing Competition. He also won the Fireboxx Best Debut Author Award and the Fireboxx Best Fiction Book Award for the novel. Oninthough is also a recipient of the 21st Century Emily Dickinson Award, for poetry.