Kabir Hitesh Suchak

Fireboxx Youngest Achiever Award,
"Go Green Save India" Award,

Hi my name is Kabir; I’m 8 Years, from Chandrapur (Maharashtra), which is known as Black diamond City, it’s situated near huge dense forest known (Tadoba National Park). I’m a forest and nature lover who has visited this forest a couple of times. I have keen interest in gardening and I am quite well verse with few of my home grown plants. I always make an effort to try and give my share of contribution to nature by planting 500 Plants, so while having my fruits, I always make sure I plant its seeds so that I can see them grow and enjoy more fruits of nature and spread a message that it’s because of this trait of nature that we are alive today. With this I am a music lover too, I have been learning keyboard from quite some time now and love playing different songs on it. I also hold a lot of interest in dancing which I feel is a very good exercise too for our body. To keep up my physical fitness I have learnt gymnastics and yoga. I also play cricket and do cycling. In my free time I also like to develop my culinary skills. At the same time, I make sure my education is not affected and I am equally serious about that aspect of my life too and I try to give my best in that zone too. Recently I have embarked on my journey of sports (KARATE) which I am extremely enjoying and at the same time it is teaching me a lot of discipline. I’m highly motivated and a curious boy who is always game to learn something new and take on a challenge that helps in my growth. I have achieved my name in INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS, & I am also nominated For ASIA BOOK OF RECORDS, I have Played Karate Championships in International, World, Asian, State & District tournaments. I have achieved my name in Global Kids Achievers Awards - 2021, Fireboxx Go-Green Save India Award - 2021, Pratibha Saman Bal Ratna Awards - 2021, Magikmak (INDIA'S Top 10 Talented Kids Awards - 2021), Top in Ideal Play Abacus India Pvt. Ltd - 2021 & Many More to Come.