Dr N.B. JayaPrakash

Dr N.B. JayaPrakash, social entrepreneur founder of Parihaar Foundation promoting welfare of widowed

While serving senior citizens and widows in distress, I did experience the knowledge of compassion by recognising their suffering as my own and help the needy. Under the social support and companionship services to senior citizens and widows, I have personally visited the residences of needy extending the social support like running errands, taking them to hospitals, diagnostic centres, giving company with interactive sessions, counselling and etc.
I believe in unity is strength, a community of people can set in motion amazing things, I have experienced while promoting advocacy for senior citizen rights.
While serving the cause I have taken much time guiding my decision based on the morals or virtues.
Frankly, I was not very quiet sure and confused about Moral Compass, may be it is a little thing inside us like a compass that tells us the right direction when we have to make decisions right and wrong. It is difficult to guess if a person will make a moral and good decision.
I feel such awards will inspire and motivate myself and members of Parihaar Foundation to deliver services for the service seeker more effectively.