Barkha Chitkara

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Mrs.Barkha Chitkara, She is a Bangalorean but her roots take her back to Delhi where
childhood memories connect. She is a mother of 2 beautiful kids, working from home (online) as numerologist, tarot card reader, practicing occult science for a couple of years. I
She is helping clients guiding them through her sessions to lead a happy & prosperous life.
she is also moderator of Bangalore Women Power, women-only Facebook Community where the goal is to empower women.
She strongly believes when the universe gives you, you have to return back to society. In an attempt to return to the society her humble effort is to provide free healing on each Saturday, have been able to do so for more than 2.5 k people.
During the pandemic, She provided free healing to more than 350 covid patients with 95% recovery rate.
1. She was recognized by Smruthi Sadhna (FB page that works for community welfare as NGO) as a Healer and was awarded for the same on Independence day.
2. Received recognition from Dettol camping as a result of many people referring to my hard work as ahealer to be fruitful for the welfare of humankind.
3.She was recognized by Vridhi Foundation (welfare for Women & Children ) for her work towards mental and emotional health for women.
As a healer, there are many facets to her profession. If at one side it starts with being a Reiki Healer
where she practice distance healing to cure even chronic issues and touch base her clients on a one to one for NLP sessions(Nero logistic program) , on the other side she is a Tarot reader and numerologist extending support with reliable predictions that are guided from the Universe for simple and quick fixes on house name issues, new-born
name, own name change, also guiding good and bad dates and times that reflect positive energy. This has been possible with her hard work,knowledge,research, discipline, and dedication coupled with the Certification course for Tarot reading where she excelled in the very phase of learning . Her clients trust in her for their counselling and healing on relationships, career growth, and any personal issue that has always been a point of stress in their lives. She can scan Aura(center of energies) and guide to improve their
lives mitigating such intense issues to ease their mental state from stress.
She is trained to use different modalities of healing which helps every client in achieving peace irrespective of the issues they face.Her real work satisfaction comes when her clients turn back to her with positive feedback.