Arnav Nigam

Scholastic Achiever

Arnav has achieved amazing feat at a young age with hands on multiple learning activities for his unparalleled mastery with versatile knowledge and his cognitive skills to become a renaissance polymath - a child of wide knowledge or learning chiselled his legacy as a "junior scientist" and " Mathematics Prodigy", mastered his will to prove nothing is impossible by achieving championships in various olympiads. He has grabbed about 600 academic awards by participating in various National and International competitions-. Out of these 250 are international and rest from national, state and zonal level. He secured world rank 1 in Avogadro chemistry by Water Loo university, World mathematical competitions, Hongkong International Maths olympiad, Singapore, American, Australian and Russian maths olympiad International Junior maths olympiad and other Asian and world olympiads. He got Gold Medal in Homi Bhabha exam and also was honoured being World Star India and World Champion in Hongkong International Math Olympiad. Two times Gold nedal from International Youth Math championship and Asia Maths Olympiad. He is topper in maths and science from Asset from last 6 years and got Asset Scholar Gold. In various English, science and computers Olympiads also he earned number of Gold Medal . He is a Mathematics Prodigy with perfect blend of other subjects. He has also got International rank 1 four times in International Math Olympiad. Academic excellence was offered to him from Maharashtra and Goa zone 4 times.