Afrina Ahmed


The writer's name is Afrina Ahmed. She goes by her pen name, Miss Affie❤️. Afrina is a published writer and has served as the co-author and compiler of many anthologies under various publishing house.She is currently working with pages such as Penholics(as a writer and Editor) (as Writers' Head and Co-founder) of Entangled Tales, The Inked Square (as a creative writer), Profound Writers(as a creative writer) and Surprisingly Short Stories (as a writer). Afrina has won various national and international awards and competitions. She is a national and world record holding co-author as well. She is also the Karamveer Chakra Awardee, 2020. She has represented her college in various writing competitions. She is a record holding co-author of the anthologies, 'Black', 'Gustakhi Maaf Hain', 'They', 'Stardust', 'Mirakee', 'Road from Best To Worst'. She has received the FCP Award of Excellence in the field of creative writing.She has received the Achievers' Award in the field of writing. She has received the Spectrum Inspiring Indian Women Awards for Literature.She has received the Applause Awards for Literature.She has received the women achiever award-sheroes for writing. She has received the writers ink awards 2021 for Literature.She has also received the most deserving awards 2021 for creative writing. She has received the Firebox Award 2021 as the Best Woman Writer. She has also received Talent of the Year 2021 award. She has received the Excellence Awards 2021. She has also received Writer of the Year 2021 by Rising Star Awards.