Dn. Mahendri. N. V MSc., PGCCN., MHRM., MPhil., RD

An Outstanding Multitalented, Passionate Clinical nutritionist and Academician Hospital Dietitian

Dietitian, Mahendri. N. V is one of the exceptional Hospital dietitians who entered the field almost 1.4 decades late after completing her master's degree in nutrition with second rank for the Batch 1978-80, being the first BSc Nutrition Stream Graduate from Mysore University ( 1975 to 1978). She succeeded in creating an impressive professional presence through her strong self-belief and hard work. She is well known as a nutrition-health goal-achieving promoter, academician, researcher, clinical nutritionist, and hospital dietetics professional, with 23 years of working experience and takes pride in having been instrumental in leading many to better health and wellness is now 121 years old 2000 plus bedded multi and super specialty, tertiary care, teaching hospital - Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore.
Following the suggestions of Nutrition Professor Dr.Shashikala Putraj, of Manasagangotri, she applied for a six months hospital dietetics internship at the department of dietetics, CMC, Vellore and she got admission on 17 Dec 1993.The overzealous and basically a compassionate by nature and a People's person, Ms. Mahendri. N. V was offered the vacant post in the department, with strong recommendations from some of the senior doctors, in the last week of her internship training.
Thus Ms. Mahendri. N.V began her professional career, soon after internship training, on 17th July 1994. The continued good feedback about her counseling skills from the patients to their attending doctors and her flair for languages, willingness to learn Tamil got her the first challenging responsibility in the shortest duration-she was promoted as in-charge of the outpatient diet clinic within eight months of joining.She cleared the Indian Dietetic Association's Registered Dietitian Board exam to become a registered dietitian in 1997. Dn. Mahendri. N.V was promoted to the post of head of the department within six years of appointment in 2001 and she held this post till her superannuation, on 16th April 2017.

Dn. Mahendri. N.V had multiple roles including teaching, administration, managing care catering, research, and public education activities apart from regular Nutri care and counseling to the out-patients and in-patients of the hospital.

She completed her Masters in Human Resource Management to manage 100 staff in the food preparation and service section attached to the department and to encourage the junior colleagues she completed the MPhil course through the distance education program.
Dn. Mahendri. N.V's inter-departmental research support activities were rewarded with NIH-FOGARTY Grant in 2006, for a six months training in HIV nutrition in Boston, USA. She was honored with a Citation of Honor from the Medicine Department of CMC for her continuous involvement in teaching and training activities under NACO-program.

Dn. Mahendri. N.V was instrumental in starting the MSc in Clinical Nutrition MGR Medical University course in CMC, but the course began in 2019, after her retirement. She is a much sought-after speaker for public programs, Schools , symposiums, and conferences. She was also invited to the International faculty for the 2nd International Conference on Food Safety & Regulatory Measures –London June 06-08, 2016. Dn. Mahendri. N.V is much admired by her students and patients alike, lovingly called a walking encyclopedia by her students.

Dn. Mahendri. N.V had a decade late entry to the professional arena , with a long academic gap as long as
1.4 decades did not deter her from achieving a place for herself in the field of Dietetics. Her unbeatable passion, grit, and hard work made her succeed in her career to become the third chief dietitian in the history of the department of Dietetics of CMC Vellore, a century plus old tertiary care center and a teaching hospital in South India.
Dn. Mahendri has won many prizes for research and research posters. She has contributed chapters on medical nutrition therapy (MNT)for Burns and HIV, for the Clinical Manual published by Indian Dietetic Association, for the first and second editions and a Chapter on MNT in Diabetes for the textbook, first eight editions published by Dept of Endocrinology ,CMC Vellore.She has been involved in research and has publications in national and international Journals.
Her zest for learning and sharing has not stopped even after her retirement from her post.
To prove that success never deserts the deserved,and late profesional entry is not a deterrent for getting recognition, Dn.Mahendri has started getting awards in a row, 32 months past retirement; so far she has collected eight awards from February 2020 onwards, including
1."Lady Legend Award First Edition 2020", 2."Inspiration for Generation 2020",
3. "SE Ideal Person Of The Year 2020"
4 Iconic Faculty Award 2020 @National Education Leaders Summit Season 2 Sep 2020
5. IAPAN'sFirst Edition of Quality Award Professional Main Award Distinction Award For Excellence in Nutrition Practice-State Level -2021".
6.FoxClues "India Prime Award - Top 100 Women Icon 2021"
7."International Award For Excellence in Clinical Nutrition Practice-2022"
8."Icon of Healthcare Award -2022 Excellence in Hospital Dietetics Practice"

Dn.Mahendri is an avid blogger and has 2 blog pages on her Facebook Page
And she joined quora.com in september 2018,and completed 5800+queries till date .Her answers are always based on the research evidence on health and related topics and has 3.9+million views for her answers and many are shared by others.She has a web page to disseminate right information for public on health and nutrition.http.hitaarogya.in

Dn.Mahendri is known for her fondness of "Knowledge Transfer" during her tenure and post retirement , as a mission she holds sessions for public and junior fraternity of the field of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. As an honorary member of NGO(now a world record holder) Saksham Society Jaipur Rajasthan, is involved in sharing the learning for triggering interest in self health care among the public from 2020 June onwards.

Dn.Mahendri.N.V is gifted in making complex information easy to understand and motivates the public and professionals to take ownership of their health and wellness. She strongly believes in "Altruism" and "You can" and is a great motivator and influencer in making one accept their capacity to excel in the area of interest and motivates them to keep trying to get the best out of themselves.

Dn.Mahendri has multiple hobbies and most interested areas include designing handouts, brochures , posters, theme based exhibitions, needle point work , freehand drawing, and athletes, and she has won prizes in these areas as well.

Dn. Mahendri. N. V MSc., PGCCN., MHRM., MPhil., RD,
Former (Retd) Head, Department of Dietetics, CMC, Vellore, Tamilnadu