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Vishal Gautam

Vishal Gautam a graduate writes about his "First Fall".

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Mansi Sunil kawale

I am Mansi Sunil kawale 20 years old from Maharashtra, India. I am penning down my thoughts since ©️2012 and on the page _mswrites_poetic_vibes from ©️2018. Writing is my passion and mostly write about love, life, travel, relations , facts ,etc. I am persuing third year biotechnology from Pune University.I am a dreamer and wants to make my parents proud and myself satisfied and for this , writing helps me in all ways.

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Prabhat Singh Rana

A post graduate in chemistry now following his dreams. A writer by soul. He's been writing for years now, still learning new things everyday. Trying to make his own place in the world. An ambivert by nature, filled with positivity. Writer behind @bhorabhivyakti. Social media - @prabhatsinghrana.bhor

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Maneesh Sinha

Dr. Maneesh SInha heads the department of Urology at NU Hospitals, Bangalore and writes in both Hindi and English.

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Heena Maryam

Writing is my passion, I write what I see and feel. Nature is my best friend, I love observing and talking to my friend "NATURE"

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Dr Tilak Dixit

Dr Tilak Dixit is a practicing physician in Udaipur Rajasthan. He has been a part of various anthologies. He was interested in write ups since his Mbbs days. He then developed keen interest in metaphoric writeups. Dr Dixit believes that metaphors are unique bridge that connects two or more atmospheres.

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Pawan Dubey

Pawan Dubey is a writer, who love to write Hindi/Urdu poetries and Stories as well. Where he uses his writing passion for social activities to write social awareness content. He also does Open Mic to spread positive vibes, love and motivation by his voice. He is a graphic designer as a professional in the IT industry. Pawan Dubey is a co-author of an anthology book named "Shabd Sangini", where his 10 poetries were published. Talking about his honours, He honoured from Dr. Nusrat Mehadi (Secretary, Urdu academy. Department of culture) and Ms Krishna Gour(MLA, Bhopal) for his writing. He was also selected for Perl Event BITS PILANI Hyderabad in top 5 writers among Bhopal city

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Sharmila Maitra

Sharmila is a marketing professional for a little over 4 years. Though she delved into the world of poetry in the 10th grade, she started performing her poems at open mic events only recently. Sharmila draws inspiration from her near and dear ones, music and her life experiences. She strongly believes that poetry or any form of art for that matter is a healthy outlet for one's emotions. When not writing, Sharmila loves trying out new cuisines (a great way to lighten up after a tough day), learning martial arts, listening to music (mostly 60’s, 70’s and 80’s rock) and watching movies.

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Akanksha Dhiman

Akanksha Dhiman is an aspiring writer She lives in delhi and also pursing her passion of writing. She has always been keen to her writing habits. She is a published writer. Her debut book is 'i want to see through your eyes' on amazon. she is co author of many anthologies. Apart from that she loves to try new things everyday. She has curious mind with optimistic personality. She believes words are important because they are the best way to convey your feelings.

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Abhigna Arcot

Abhigna Arcot. A student who's stepping to graduate. An enthusiastic social worker. A passionate writer. A soulful dancer. She has a vision - "Aspire to Inspire" where she tries to heal the souls and believes in spreading happiness. She's a free lancer and hoods the peace around her. Government Schools and lots of NGO's make her Saturdays. Open mics and literature make her Sundays. She's an enthusiastic teen who's mission is to be a writer embedded in everyone's heart.

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Ishjot Singh Jaggi

An engineer by profession A poet by passion I come from the beautiful land of 5 Rivers called Punjab, currently living in Pune. The quote that I live by: "You should only be still when you are in a coffin", till then keep moving ahead.

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Sai Priya kv

Sai priya KV I am currently pursuing CA along with I am passionate about writing poetry. I feel poetry is one of the best ways to express myself. I am fortunate enough to be a co-author of the book: 500 Best Poems(India's biggest anthology), A beautiful mistake and Kavyanjali.

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Aaliya Ashraf

I am currently studying BBA in dempo college of commerce and economics, Goa. As a hobby I like to paint and read books, writing poetry is also something I love to do as it acts as an escape from reality in my life.Thank you Fireboxx.

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Abhinav Jayaswal

A 19 year old student with a lot left to write and show to world. Been writing since childhood with brain, Once the thoughts flow from your heart to your pen onto the paper, that's the time when a true author is born. For me that time was in middle of my last year of high school.

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Adya Ghoshal

Adya Ghoshal is an amateur poetess discovering the beauty of poetry and expressing her thoughts to her readers in simplicity. She likes to observe the environment and holds an unique magical view of all that occurs around her. She can be found 'Lost' in her own world of imagination for the most part of the day. She lives to spread Love and magic. She describes herself as "A girl with deep secrets inside, Stares at the night sky, Because the mirror cannot reflect her soul, She hopes that maybe someday... The stars will reply".

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Sandhya G S

I am a Chemical Engineer by profession and a passionate writer. One's poem connects souls, transforms hidden feelings to thoughts, thoughts emphasis emotions. All my poems directs hidden emotions towards realisation. Apart from being a writer, I love singing, traveling, exploring new things in life.

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Swwati Awasthi

Swwati is an Artist based who takes pleasure in writing ghazals. She has learnt the art of ghazal writing in meter from Ustaads and also conducts workshops in Bangalore. Art and Poetry writing is her way to escape the mundane routine life and explore her inner self.

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Reshmi Haque

I'm Reshmi heading from a Bengali family, Currently pursuing MBBS in Bangalore. Writing has always been a passion, my love for writing was just nurtured with time.

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A writer who writes about human relationship

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Ashish Chandra Jha

AI Engineer who love to express the intense feelings in words

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soumali chatterjee

Work in IT, poet by passion

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Varun Bhat

I am a Writer/Rapper from Mumbai, now settled in Bengaluru. I have been writing rap lyrics since last 10 years which on second thought are poetry. Also,I love to write short stories and haikus.

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Amayabhavya Choudhary

A tennis player who's represented India at the UN, and would probably make you open your mouth either by her jokes or at her clinic.


Urmila M S

I started writing since I was a little girl. I have always been in love with the intricacies and metaphors of writing. During my spare time, I prefer reading and travelling. It gives me immense joy to explore new places, things and people. I also like attending open mic events as I always loved to go for recitations and speeches, back in school and college. I wear my craziness as a crown because I believe life is too short too be serious. :)

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Christina Kurien

Christina Meria Kurien is an undergraduate student and also, a budding author. She mainly writes by connecting the dots between her observations and her opinions. When she is not writing, she is found singing which is another hobby that she is really passionate about.



Darpan, a Hindi word for mirror. It’s a name I gave myself for I believe art is the mirror to soul. I’m a mere poet where poetry is everywhere around. There’s so much beauty infused in air, just wish we all cleanse ourselves to receive the grace. Poetry got me healed when I couldn’t even imagine to be able to breathe. It’s beautiful how it’s connecting me to you right now. If you like my work enough do bother to stop by and check out my Instagram page @darpan_._ for more such poetries. Smile today for this moment will not forever stay. :) have a good day.

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Rita Rani

I am a simple and caring house wife. I can do anything for my family and i love to write and sing.

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Shahbaz khan

main Delhi se hun. Meri padhai Civil Engineering ki hai aur main apna business chalata hun. College dino se hi mujhe Urdu Shayari padhne aur sunne ka shok tha, fir dheere dheere main leekhne bhi laga ... Urdu shayari mashhoor shayar janab Jaun Elia saheb ki gazalon nazamo se mujhe sab jyada inspiration mili aur hamesha koshish yehi karta hun thoda bahut hi sahi lekein unn jaisa leekhu.. Apne lafzon se apke dil tak pahochne ki arzu me rehta hun


Shubham Tyagi

I am a choreographer and punjab state vice prisedent of dance fedration of india.