Mangilal J Patel

Myself Mangilal J Patel founder of Trust Edge Advisory Services

*"It is true that everyone's life is a story of struggles. But the stories of those who achieve success in spite of struggles reach the world.*"

Mangilal J Patel ,The founder of *Trust Edge Advisory Services*,is a Highly accomplished Individual with Law Graduate from JNV university Jodhpur. From childhood my nature was to help others and because of this mindset,2009 started journey and fully focused and given dedication to the work.
By 2022 I met More than 15000 people with a satisfied clients base of 3500 Or More.....

*Introduction of my parent organisation*-

The organisation which I work for does Not need any introduction in terms of size, its 3rd biggest popullest country of the world. In terms of income it is More than any state budget of the nation. In terms of contribution it is the pillar of Indian Economy. In terms of Brand its in everybody's house.
In terms of trust and faith it does Not require any proof proudly I present my organisation which I work for is India's Biggest Financial institutions *"Life Insurance Corporation Of India*"

*"हर पल आपके साथ*"

"उठो तो ऐसे उठो कि फक्र हो बुलंदी को,
झुको तो ऐसे झुको बंदगी भी नाज़ करे।।"

*How did you come up with the Idea of your business*_____

I personally belong to the family who is unorganised sector. I wanted to myself to be secure for my family & for my future social need and provision why doing so it motivated me to pursue this profession and help my dear & near ones for their financial security and there social needs through my profession.Just to educate people for their Financial independent and life insurance as a security to the family I came with this idea of having this profession as my full time career.

*To success in life You need two things Ignorance and Confidence.*✌️

*What is products & services you are offering*?

At "Trust edge advisory services" we nurture wealth,our Aim is to provide security against unforceen risk to family, to provide independent high quality and customised service to individuals.

We provide wide range of products and services in the field of financial & taxation segment :-

1. FSSAI Registration
2. ISO Registration
3. RERA Registration
4. Company Registration
5. Accounting services
6.Income Tax
7.GST Compliance
8.TDS Return
9 MSME Certificate
10.Digital Signature
11.Insurance Services
12.Mutual funds

*Most Awaited Service*
13.Trade Mark Registration
14.NGO Registration

*सेवा परमो धर्म:*

*Where you based*-:

Primarily I am stationed and have my base in *Ahmedabad* but with a vision to educated and provide financial,taxation assistance to all ones who are near and dear to me I operate across the country wherever I know my people are based.

Geographicaly I am pursue my profession across the Globe.

*परिंदा जब उड़ने की ठान ले तो, हवाओ को रास्ता देना पड़ता है।*

*My suceess mantra*

Learning and adapting latest technology ,connecting to youth , professional approach and 24*7 service to my customers has yielded remarkable results.
Determination to succeed coupled with training and support from Lic has given me lot of Recognition and status in society .Regularly upgrading my knowledge ,using internet, social media and prospecting has helped me in growing my business manifold.

*Great things take time*
*Be patient*..
*Never give up*🤝🎯

*Goal Or Vision*-
That I be blessed by god to secure everyone against unforceen risk I know so that in case of early death his family members are protected, in case of longer living they enjoy Financial independent.
My vision is to educate each and everyone to understand their short terms and long terms Financial goals irrespective of their association with me.
My goal and vision is that my customers who are with me in my journey love me and bless me for the *Noble cause* I am doing to satisfied my objective & vision of providing security and financial independence.

*The Distance between your Dream and Reality called Action*

*Awards and Recognitions*

In my journey as a Financial Advisor in last 15 Years I have been recognised and awarded many times by my organisation in different intervals.
To mention I have been Awarded By *MDRT/COT/TOT* (million dollar round table) USA, Which is the most prestigious organisation held / Insurance professionals across the Glob and I have succeeded in qualifing the criteria let down by the organisation consecutively since last four years.
Also we are nominated for Globally excellence award for "professionals and practitioners 2021.

But personally for me biggest Reward and recognition that I have got is the faith, Trust,support, Love,Co-operation and satisfaction by my clients across the nation.

*My message to Fellow Advisor*

Your success is not solely dependent on your background and education.your determination,attitide and passion can yield amazing Results.connect to the youth ,spread
Insurance Awarness.

*जो बीत चुका है उसे बदला नहीं जा सकता, लेकिन आने वाले कल को संवारा जा सकता है*!!

*Advise to enterprenuer and youth*

My advise to the youth is that they should consider life insurance as a necessity rather than luxury.
They should plan their fianancialy goals in their early stage of earning, they should differenciate and understand the importance of short term Financial goals and long term Financial goals.
While investment and planning they should understand the importance of security and safety of their funds.
My advice to them is money takes time and passions to reach its desired level.

" Everything in life is reversable but only the thing that can not be reverse is the age of human being."
So that they should not waste their time of planning their financial goals for later stage .

*जिन्दगी हमेशा एक मौका देती है ,आसान शब्दोंं मे जिसे आज कहते है*!

*Saving is something better than nothing*