Indrani Chatterjee

Published Author, Self-motivated writer and vocalist. Music and creative writing are my passion.

Myself, Indrani Chatterjee, a student of Loreto Convent. I have graduated in Commerce and Special English (Eng.Hons) from Calcutta University. Singing and writing is my ardent passion and keeps me motivated and energized to move ahead. I am a perfective homemaker and mother of my only autistic child. Besides I am a bilingual writer and author, love penning verses both in English and my mother tongue Bengali.

Some of my achievements in the literary field:
I have co-authored the following anthologies: 1. Genesis Barta - A Bengali Magazine, 2. ALS 2020 - An Anthology of Poems by Asian Literary Society, 3. Shakti - The Epitome Of Power, an anthology of poems by Asian Literary Society(ALS).4. Journal based on the theme 'The Panorama of Bengal Music' has been published in JAACL( Journal of Asian Literary Art and Culture). This is also an initiative of ALS. 5. My poem has also been published in Annual Anthology of ALS, 2021. Besides I am a regular contributor of their weekly contests and have been chosen as a winner for a number of times. 6. I have also participated in anthology of Special Need Book Project as a coauthor. The book is still in the process of getting published.
7.Harmonies Symphony ll and Random Souls - both are anthology of poems from house of Solitaire. 8. I have also given my submissions for Harmonious Symphony lll and Quoting Scribblers lll. These two books are yet to be published. 9. I earned the prestigious badge of 'Literary Captain' from Story Mirror for my contribution in literature. I have also been nominated as 'Author of the Year' by them. My verses have been published in their reader digest Vol.8. I have also been awarded with the title of 'Author of Month' for June and July. Currently I've started contributing for their 52 weeks poetry challenge.
10. Again my verses have been selected by Chrysanthemum Chronicles for their two challenging anthologies 1) Aniconic Cosmic Dancer. 2) Anthology for Anniversary Edition on the theme 'Love'. Both these attempts have got selected over other submissions.
11.I am also a regular contributor of the Platform of Storyscrapers and is winner of a number of Shots that I have attempted. They have chosen me as 'Star of the Month', December, 2021 and recently I had a Talk Show with them discussing my journey both as a writer and singer. Also how I poise between my responsibility with my special child and my creative world. I am also a winner of several contests in platforms like Sparkling Quill and Pen Wonders International.13. Recently my write up has been published in the anthology of Tagore and Romance organised by Literoma.

14.I am winner of three awards, India Prime Awards, Indian Golden Awards and Fireboxx Icon Awards, Tagore Lit Fest Award by Literoma, Rising Star Award by Asian Literary Society

Being a writer and author I wish to propagate my constructive ability for a greater literary cause to ennoble apperception for humanitarian causes.

My another creative aspect is music. I am an ardent music lover specialising in Rabindra Sangeet (songs composed by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore). Currently I am pursuing Senior Diploma in the same. Besides I am also a classical vocalist. I pursue karaoke singing and perform in social media platforms. I am a regular and top contributor as a performer in ALS performing arts and have been certified a number of times for winning 7 days challenge. My autistic son (Who is differently abled and falls under Autism Spectrum Disorder) also shares the same love for music and it shapes the bonding between us. Every year we both pass out the Annual exam of Rabindra Sangeet in First Division with Distinction Marks. We also secure a rank of 1st, 2nd or 3rd.This exam is conducted by Rabindra Bharati University (Kolkata).