Age : 10
Stranded : 5th
Insta id : Littleleevas
Jiji bhavan tc69 /1080 nadu

9year old Leedhiya , with the help of her 11year old sister, learns the skills of her father's children and started online, while 9year old Leedhiya learns to compete in the "Poonthura St. Philomena's Girls' High School" and in the 4th standard . And succeeded.
In addition, many awards went to this little genius.
In addition to these
National Book of Records, India Book of Records, India Book of World Records, Junior ""Doctorate ""Recognition
This is in recognition of the awards received.
This little beauty who dreams of filming along with modeling
She has already acted in movies, serials and short films.
Despite all this, LEEDHIYA has been selected as the LP School Leader of the Year for the past three years.
The great support of father, mother, sister, father's friends and teachers helped me to get here.
I want to give an encouragement from the Firboxx Award team that supports women and children so much and want it to become a role model for other children and the support and prayers of all. Hopefully.
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